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5 Sick Buildings

A series of photographs of buildings / facades. The aim of series is to both document and 'rescue' the character; conveying something about the existence, function and histories written on to them. Each photo attempts to condense architectural vision, passage of time, changing usage / disuse into the single photographic image.

The process and method of making these photos rely on an uneasy combination of methods can be seen to have derived both from a strand of documentary photography and from painting. On one hand the photographs have the intentions to record its subject with an objective purity: At the production stage there is the aspiration of neutrality in terms of lighting /time of day; viewpoint and composition. On the other hand, at the postproduction stage, the photographs are heavily digitally manipulated in order to strip away the superfluous. Whilst the decisions made here are driven by the intention to somehow get closer to the subject (altering the background, stripping away the cars, lampposts graffiti etc..), this process lends itself to/ feels more like an act of painting than photography.

Sick Building1Sick Building1
Sick Buildings2Sick Buildings2