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Hazel Jones MA (RCA)

Senior Lecturer
Interactive Arts

Hazel Jones

1997-2018 Senior Lecturer on Interactive Arts at MMU.
2005 Teaching exchange to Venice.(one week)
2003 Teaching Exchange to University of Lapland,
Finland (one week).
2001-18 Prepared and presented Lecture programme on Creative
1988 Set up a workshop with the help of a Crafts Council Grant
1985-87 Royal College of Art M.A Metalwork and Jewellery.
1984-85 Artist in residence, Wyverne Theatre Swindon.
1981-84 Crewe + Alsager College of HE, B.A (Combined Studies)Crafts.

Exhibitions and projects
2017 "Made in Translation" Portico Library Manchester
2017 "Collage and Curiosity" Weaver Hall Museum Northwich.
2013,2014 and 2015 Tatton Allotment Project at the Tatton Flower Show.
2012 "Mouseion" Leicester University.
2012 Launched Mail Art project."How to market bent wire"
Continuing a 28 year involvement in the Mail Art Network.
2011 March set up blog
2010 February “Object memory showcase” .Manchester Art Gallery (with SB)
2009 March "Art School" Contemporary reflections. Holden Gallery at MMU .
2008 January Installed Exhibition called “String Too Small for use” at the Kunstbanken Gallery in Hamar, Norway.
Working with Sharon Blakey and the Manchester Art Gallery on an exhibition using the Mary Greg Collection as inspiration to create a series of new metal inventions.

2004 Using a Blog and Flickr as a research tool…. collating and storing my growing metal object collection online.
2000 “The Book Unbound” Better World Space, Manchester
2001 Commission for the Museum of the Unknown, London.
2000 “Syklus” Travelling Jewellery Exhibition, Norway.
1999 Cheshire Open Studios.
1999 Automata Festival, Frodsham Castle Park Arts Centre.
1998-99 “Freighted with Wonders” Wolsey Art Gallery, Ipswich
1998 “Dream Machine” Wyeside Arts Centre.
1998 “Beyond the Garden Gate” Hastings Museum and Art Gallery
1998-2000 “Devious Devices” Touring Exhibition,starting Croydon
Clock Tower.
1996 “Selection from the Collection” Wolsey Art Gallery, Ipswich.
1996 “Metalworks” Contemporary Applied Arts, London.
1995-97 “Teapot Mania” Touring Exhibition, Norfolk Museum.
1994 “The Chemistry Set” Southern Arts Touring Exhibition.
1994 “Weirdorama” An installation with Michael Leigh,Walsall Art
1994 “More Useful Devices” Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham and
Ruthin Art Gallery.
1993 One Month residency at the Young Vic, London.
1993 Ten day workshop and exhibition, Hamar, Norway.
1993 “The Return of Love and Passion”, Rye Art Gallery.
1992 “Domestic Disturbance”, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.
1991 “Rites of Spring” Royal Festival Hall, London.
1991 “Curious Inventions” Aberystwyth Arts Centre.
1990 “Metal Inventions” A Southern Arts Touring Exhibtion.
1989-90 “On the Move” Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
1989 Curated group show at Roupell Gallery, London.
1988 “Tea Inventions”, Festival Hall, London.
1987-88 “Moving Parts” Artsite Gallery, Bath.
1985 “The ABC of Fluff” Stafford Art Gallery.


"Mouseion" artists' reflections on museums.

Group exhibition at the School of Museum Studies,University of Leicester. http://mouseionexhibition. Details…

101 Uses for a........

http://www.101usesfora. Details…

Drawing made in 15 Seconds

Series of drawings and opening event for the "Moment" Exhibition. LINK Gallery. Details…

How to Market Bent Wire.

A mail Art project launching soon, deadline 17th December 2013. Call for work on the theme, "How to market bent wire" Online record of bent wire and how it is already marketed at. Details…

Loose Bits and Lost Buttons

Making a new collection of personal objects in metal, based on the theme of loose bits and lost buttons. Inspired by some of the pieces in the Mary Greg Collection. Details…


Working with Sharon Blakey and Manchester Art Gallery on the Mary Greg Project. This project will explore an experimental interpretation project at Manchester Art Gallery that is enabling museological discussions to take place around the value and use of inherited collections. Details…

Rusty Nail Collecting (Mail Art Project)

http://rustynailscollection.blogspot. Details…

Tatton Allotment Project July 2013

Made a series of Seed Spacers and Dibbers for the Staff exhibition at Tatton Park in July 2013. Also, the the spirit of the allotment holder, my entire family contributed to the event. Details…

Things of the Least

Project connected with the Mary Greg project. Working with Phd student, Alex Woodall, from Leicester University's Museum Studies course. Details…


Hazel Jones is a member of the Crafts Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Jones, H., 2012. Mouseion, Artists reflections on Museums., Leicester University, Museum Studies Building., September 2012 - February 2013.

Hang This on your coat

Jones, H., 2011. Collection of work from string to small for use., Kunst Banken, Hamar, Norway, february 2008.

Walsall Art Gallery. Hilary Lloyd, Howard Hodgkin, Tracey Emin, Richard Wentworth plus others from the collection., 2011. Make Room, Walsall Art Gallery, Oct 2010 - Oct 2011.

Pencil Stub Holders

Jones, H., 2011. Object Memory Showcase, Manchester Art GAllery, February 2010.

String button

Blakey, S., 2006. Out of the Ordinary, Special Collections Gallery, MMU, April - October 2006.


Jones, HL., 2017. 'Emergency Book Mark Holders', Portico Library.

Jones, HL., 2017. 'Emergency Bookmark holder', Portico Library.

Quizzing Glasses (2012)Quizzing Glasses

Jones, H. Woodall,A. Leigh,M. Foster,Kand K. Phelps,L. Hawkins,Y., 2012. 'Quizzing glasses', Hand held glasses to view objects quizzically., School of Museum Studies, Leicester University, September 2012 - March 2013.

Rusty Nail Collector

Jones, H. a number of other MMU staff, 2011. 'Rusty nail collector', Personal carrying case for collecting rusty nails., MMU Holden Gallery, March 2009.


Jones, H., 2012. 'Artists Reflections on Museums', Mouseion, Artist reflections on Museums (Creative Symposium), Leicester University , Museum Studies., 5 December 2012, in Book to be published....

Jones, H. Liz Mitchell, Alex Woodall, 2011. 'Mary Greg Collection', Materiality - Intangibility, Leicester Museums Conference, December 2009, in Online.

Portable shopping list capsule.

Jones, H. Alex Woodall, 2011. 'Mary Greg Collection', AAH conference, Glasgow, April 2010, in Book.

McErlain, A. Jones,H. Blakey,S, 2008. ''Public Speaking:research,exhibition and the public imagination'', UMAC 8th International Conference, University of Manchester, 16th - 20th September 2008.