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Joan Beadle

Senior Lecturer

Current position – Senior Lecturer Foundation Studies
Previous academic roles within Manchester School of Art
Programme Leader - Foundation Studies
Senior Lecturer - BA Hons Interactive Arts
MA Fine Art
MA Art as Environment

Joan studied Textiles at Manchester School of Art and has worked as an Artist/Designer and Educator for over 25 years. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Foundation Studies, teaching across the pathway areas of Fashion/Textiles and Fine Art.
In the mid 90s Joan was a member of a small team of Foundation Studies staff who established and taught on the early years of B.A Hons Interactive Arts, where she developed a programme of live external engagement projects involving Arts in Healthcare environments and other social and community contexts, including Manchester Dental School and The Paterson Research Institute.
More recently Joan has co-ordinated an international exchange project between Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China and Manchester School of Art, exploring comparative pedagogies within cross cultural teaching and learning.
Early professional experience of working with Artists Collectives and Co-operatives throughout the 1980s and 90s, have made collaborative working an important part of her practice. Demonstrating a background of art practice and experience which is eclectic and diverse; She has worked extensively in Visual Theatre, Community Arts and Theatre in Education, across the areas of – Education / Design for Performance / Photography / Film / Installation and occasionally Performance/Puppets and Pyrotechnics.

Joan is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is actively involved in national networks exploring, and documenting educational practices within Art School education. She has recently contributed to the Q arts publication '15 Methods: 20 Questions' – which explores the contemporary landscape and pedagogy of Foundation courses in the UK. Joan studied NLP to Masters level at the University of California and has an interest in the specifics of language in teaching and learning.

Recent practice based research projects have involved the production of artists books documenting a photographic exploration of the Archive-the public, personal and private.
Her Photographic work and Artist Books have been exhibited nationally and internationally, with examples held in a number of public and private Collections including those of the Tate, British Library and the Yale centre for British Art U.S.A


Joan Beadle is a member of the Art Pedagogic Experiment Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Beadle, J., 2014. Doverodde Købmandsgård Gallery, Doverodde Købmandsgård Gallery, Doverodde, Denmark, 2014.

Beadle, J., 2014. F.A.B., Foyer Gallery UCA Farnham, 2014.

Beadle, J., 2014. F.A.B.Art, JCFL GALLERY Tokyo in Shinjuku, Tokyo, 2014.

Beadle, J., 2012. Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy London, 2012.

'The things we left unsaid'

Beadle, J., 2012. UDKANT, DOVERODDE DENMARK, 2012.

Page from 'Stilled Lives'

Beadle, J., 2009. The story of things, Special Collections MMU, Manchester, 2009.

Beadle, J., 2008. Reflective Stories, Holden Gallery MMU Manchester, 2008.

Beadle, J., 2008. Through the Lens, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, 2008.

Beadle, J., 2007. All go digital, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, 2007.

Beadle, J., 2001. Talking Coats, Kulturhaus, Friedrichshain, Berlin., 2000.

Beadle, J., 2000. Township, Touring Show Berlin,Brussels, Bremerhaven, Randers., 2000.

Beadle, J., 1999. Township, Creative Partnerships, European Conference Huddersfield, 1999.

Beadle, J., 1998. com.passion, Digital Summer 98 - Festival of Digital Arts,Manchester Cathedral., 1998.


Beadle, J., 2017. 'My Favourite Things... A reframing', HOME, Manchester.

Beadle, J., 2015. 'Frenos et Frusta', Special collections -WInchester School of Art.

Beadle, J., 2015. 'Scene of a Stratagem 2014- F.A.B. Art JCFL GALLERY Tokyo Shinjuku, Tokyo', JCFL GALLERY Tokyo Shinjuku, Tokyo JAN/FEB.

Beadle, J., 2015. '‘Mindless stitching’', Artists book A concertina fold book with stitching, BABE Arnolfini ,Bristol, April 2015.

Beadle, J., 2014. '‘Bound stones ‘', A 3D work with 2 stones bound in thread 1 each from the North and South coast of Cornwall –mounted in Perspex box together with map of location drawn in earth pigment., Exhibited at BABE Arnolfini, Bristol., April 2015.

Beadle, J., 2013. '‘Cut One on Fold’', Artists book - edition of 10 Complex fold and Digital print on Paper with photographic image, text and stitch., 2013 BABE, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 2013 BALTIC Artists Bookfair, BALTIC Newcastle, 2013,2015.

Beadle, J., 2013. '‘Not everything we believe is true’', Artists book- edition of 4 Complex fold and Digital print on paper with photographic image and text, Purchased by and in the collection of the Tate Artists Book Collection, Tate Gallery London, june 2013 ongoing.

Beadle, J., 2013. '‘Scene of a stratagem’', Digital Print, 2013- F.A.B. Art Exhibition in the Foyer Gallery at UCA Farnham, 2014- F.A.B. Art JCFL GALLERY Tokyo in Shinjuku, Tokyo JAN/FEB, Nov 2013 & Jan/Feb 2014.

Beadle, J., 2013. '‘Silva rerum - a forest of things’', Artists book - edition of 5 (edition variée) Flag Book and Digital print on paper with Photographic image, text, scorch print and stitch, TOYKO Art Bookfair,Tohoku University of Art & Design, Tokyo , BABE Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 2013 & 2015.

Beadle, J., 2012. '2012- The things we left unsaid- Vol1 The things we left unsaid-Vol 2', Artists Book Concertina Fold and Digital print on paper, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012 LONDON &‘Margins’ Doverode DENMARK 2012 In the permanent collection of Doverode Bookarts Centre DENMARK, 2012 -ongoing.

Beadle, J., 2010. '‘ Surplus to Requirements ’', A collaborative Book and (Special edition boxed set with art works) by Members of the MADE Collective at Manchester School of Art and Staff from UWE, University of the West of England, Purchased by and In the collection of the- Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Yale Center for British Art, Yale University
USA, Special Collections at MMU and Special Collections Mount Holyoake College Massachusetts USA, April 2010- ongoing.

Beadle, J., 2009. '‘ Ironing your shirt ’', Artists book Edition of 10 Complex fold and Digital print with Iron Burn on Paper., Purchased by and in the collections of Winchester School of Art and MMU Special Collections, 2009- ongoing.

Beadle, J., 2009. '‘Stilled lives’', A collaborative book, 26 writers and visual artists respond to the MMU Library Special collection., Purchased by and in the collection of MMU Special Collections, 2009- ongoing.

Beadle, J., 2008. '‘I don’t want to talk about it’', Artists Book-Accordion fold book with photo images-digital print on paper., Purchased by and in the collection of MMU Special Collections also exhibited at 2009-London Art Book fair -Whitechapel Gallery London, 2008-ongoing.

Beadle, J., 2008. '‘Lost in lace’', Accordion fold book with text & photo images-digital print on paper and thread., In the permanent collection of the Tate Artists Book Collection, Tate Gallery London, British Library, Womens Library at London Metropolitan University and Winchester School of Art., 2008- ongong.


Beadle, J.Fleming,C.N.Zhou,T.Feng,F., 2015. '2Exchange', G.A.F.A. Guangzhou.

Book Chapters

Beadle, J., 2013. 'Interview'. In Rowles,S.,Allen,J., (eds.) '15 Methods: 20 Questions', 1, 85-101, Q Art London.

Journal Articles

Beadle, J., 2001. 'Art: DEAD: An End to Conveyor Belt Funerals', BMJ, 322 (7290), pp. 870-870.

Beadle, J., 2001. 'Exhibition review ‘Dead – An End to Conveyor Belt Funerals’', British Medical Association, BMJ 2001;322:870.

Beadle, J., 2000. 'Book review ‘Learning from Experience, The Arts in Healthcare’ Book Review', British Medical Journal, BMJ 2000;320:810.

Beadle, J., 2000. 'Gallery review The Embodiment of Art’', British Medical Journal, BMJ 2000;321:57.

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Beadle, J., 2000. 'Theatre review ‘Cure – A Darkly Humorous look at life on the edge’', British Medical Journal, BMJ 2000;321:1476.

Beadle, J., 2000. 'Theatre: Cure: A darkly humorous look at life on the edge', BMJ, 321 (7274), pp. 1476-1476.

Conference Papers

Beadle, J., 2018. 'Teaching as Practice', Glad Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 7/12/2018 - 7/12/2018.

Other Outputs

'Cut one on fold'

Schoeser,M., 2013, 2013. 'Schoeser,M., 2013 ‘Textiles the Art of Mankind’', Work featured in Book.

Kettle,A.,McKeating,J.,2012, 2012. 'Kettle,A.,McKeating,J.,2012 ‘Hand stitch perspectives’', Work featured in Book.