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Louise Batchelor BA(hons)

Senior Lecturer

Louise Batchelor

Louise Batchelor (Johnson) is a Senior Lecturer on the Art Foundation course at Manchester Metropolitan University

Work Experience:
1986-87 Freelance Illustrator

Work included: One day workshop visits with Jan Pienkowski to a variety of schools in the North West.

Children’s Book Week 1987 resident illustrator, Blackburn Junior Schools, for the Minority Ethnic Group Support Service.

Jan Pienkowski Studios, London - paper engineering, illustration, graphic design.

John Peel Puppet Theatre, London - background scenery canvases.

Tandem Design and Illustration, Manchester.
Partner/Managing Director.

Clients included: Cambridge University, Cancer Research Campaign, The Post Office, Boots and covered commissions involving retail, corporate, packaging and exhibition design.

Tandem represented 18 freelance illustrators and covered work across the media board.

My role included liaising with clients, employing staff, overseeing print, commissioning illustrators/photographers, illustrating and accounting.

Part-time Lecturer, Art Foundation Course, Manchester Polytechnic.
As a visiting professional to show work, set paper engineering and design briefs.

Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

Work included: Project co-ordinator for London Wildlife Trust exhibition entitled “Urban Wildlife”.
Paper engineering - speed boat model for National Starch leaflet.
Promotional material and exhibition panel for Panic Alarm Systems.

Published work:
‘Where’s Caterpillar’, Frances Lincoln Publishers, London.
Published in UK, USA, Holland, NZ, Australia, South Korea.
Featured on ‘The Tweenies’ book of the day.
"The Guardian" Book of the Week.

‘I Can Say Apple’, ‘I Can Say Doll’, ‘I Can Say Boat’, ‘I Can Say Blanket’.
Pre school board books.
DeAgostini Publishers, London.

‘Whoops’, published by Zero to Ten, London.

Other commissions: Frances Licoln Publishers, London:-
‘Bird Detective’, speculative linocuts.
‘Monet’s Garden’, paper engineering dummies.
Sample book designs.
‘Food for Children’, speculative illustrations.
‘Pirate Pop-up’, speculative pop-ups and illustrations.

English Heritage, York.
Pop-up Nightjar promotional leaflet.

A&C Black publishers, London.
‘Sing a Silver Lining’, front cover.

1992 Faculty Show, Holden Gallery, Manchester.
2002 Foundation Staff ‘Drawing’, Righton Gallery, Manchester.

Staff Development:
Workers film Association, courses in:-
Quark Express, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, Illustrator.

Teaching & Learning Seminar, Equality Awareness.
Welding, health & safety induction.
Woodwork, health & safety induction.
Bronze casting and health & safety Foundry induction.
Book Binding workshop.

Faculty work:
1999 Morrison Merlin:- external project - assistant co-ordinator. Overseeing students working on logo and mural designs.

Dental Hospital:-external project - assistant co-ordinator.

Professional practice lecture for BA(Hons) Embroidery.

Shared learning:
Powerpoint, Photography Darkroom, Photoshop & Quark, Printmaking,
Neuro Linguistics, Film editing.

Ongoing Personal Work:
Drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, paper engineering, notebook work.

Ongoing Staff Development:
Photoshop, Quark, I-Movie, In-Design, After Effects.
Exhibition visits.

Other Responsibilities
Assisted First Aider
Fire Marshall



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Art School

Exhibition, Holden Gallery and Special Collections, MMU . Details…

In The Beginning

Exhibition, Holden Gallery MMU. Details…

Note Books

Drawing, painting, printmaking, photography. A personal record of journeys throughout the year. Details…



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