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COTTON EXCHANGE: A collaborative project between members of the Crafts Research Centre at MIRIAD, MMU, and Lancashire Museums

MIRIAD artists will ‘share’ the residency/commission offered by A Fine Line and the Cotton Exchange project, to deliver a series of related installation/intervention artworks. These works will be exhibited at the Queens Street Mill Textile Museum, Burnley, as part of the ‘Global Threads’
Cultural Olympiad Programme, opening in May 2012.

The aim of this body of work is to provide an avenue for investigative analysis and critique around the subject area of craft skill and technology particularly in relation to the cotton trade in Manchester and the subsequent links to Indian cloth production. Utilising in the first instance the venue of exhibition, the Queen Street Mill in Lancashire, the mill was used as a catalyst for the generation of images providing a basis for the creation of original primary drawings and paintings.

Ethel at Queen Street Mill 2Ethel at Queen Street Mill 2
Ethel at Queen Street Mill 3Ethel at Queen Street Mill 3
Ethel at Queen Street Mill 1Ethel at Queen Street Mill 1