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Dr Lyle Skains

Senior Lecturer


A selection of recent research outputs.


Skains, RL., 2019. 'Digital Authorship: Publishing in an Attention Economy', Cambridge University Press.

Skains, L., Bell, D., 2018. 'Normal Deviation: A Weird Fiction Anthology', Wonderbox Publishing.

Skains, L., 2017. 'The Pyxis Memo: On Resurrecting the Free Web', Wonderbox Publishing.

Skains, L., 2016. 'The Futographer: A Hyperstory', Wonderbox Publishing.

Book Chapters

Skains, RL., 2020. 'Creative Writing Courses and the Pragmatics of Publishing'. In Contemporary Publishing and The Culture of Books, Routledge.

Ensslin, A., Skains, RL., 2017. 'Hypertext: Storyspace to Twine'. In The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature, Bloomsbury.

Skains, RL., 2014. 'In the Shadows of Gods: Representations and Treatments Otherness in the Novels of Neil Gaiman'. In Good Madness: A Collection of Essays on the Work of Neil Gaiman, Inter-Disciplinary Press.


Skains, L., 2019. 'No World 4 Tomorrow'.

Skains, L., 2016. 'The Futographer'.

Journal Articles

Skains, RL., 2019. 'Discourse or gimmick? Digital marginalia in online scholarship', Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, pp. 135485651983198-135485651983198.

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