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(A) Gatherer (Hunter) - Time & Being

Visualising our Human-Nature relationship.
'The wound is peopled' ( Harold Pinter )
(Raising funding and in aid of UNICEF)
A series of Prints - drawings and texts

I was brought up to respect the Natural World and reflect on how we as people relate to it.

Gatherer (hunter)
Visualising our Human-Nature relationship
'The wound is peopled' ( Harold Pinter )

Exploring Visual Perceptions, Distillation and Translations of the Experiential and Oneiric. Beyond the Scientific and empirical.
Textual and visual 'Poetics' and intuitive Interpretation

An on-going research exploration of Nature /Nurture through historical/ visual research. The distillation of the memory and imagination The wider ontological context and the strong affiliations with the human condition and our biology- a reference to shamanistic beliefs - dream states and the myth of categorisation and nomenclature

At the centre of this on-going research and creative practice stands the importance of our human ontological relationship with our habitat and wider terrestrial / environmental change- The concerns of Anthropocentrism and the concerns of commodification.

The research is in visual and textual forms - investigating the concept of our personal relationships with a wider ‘Nature’ inside the phenomenological beyond the physical towards the thought or perceived. These 'primordial connections' and ”the deep affiliations'' that human beings have with other life forms and the 'terrestrial' Earth (Planet) as a whole.

These affiliations are the foundations of our micro biology. It is this connection with the outdoors, with Animals, Plant life and the night sky - with imagination and metaphysical perceptions of Super Nature and 'otherness'- freedom - liberty etc that are vital to our emotional well being (Jung and Marx stated this decades ago in warnings about estrangement and control) and to quote Suzuki

'Our urban environment has only been our home for around 300 years'

Harold Pinter wrote '''The wound is peopled .....The mistake they make, most of them ( Intellectuals, Scientists, Writers, Artists), is to attempt to determine and calculate the source of the wound. Shakespeare writes of the 'open' wound and, through him, we know it open and know it closed. References: Kant, Derrida, Lacan, Karl Jespers, Larkin, Clare, T. Hughes Proust, Ruskin, Gaston Bachelard, James Lovelock's GAIA and more recently Wilson's concept of Biophilia

Time and Being 2007Time and Being 2007