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(A) Proust's irremediable solitude 2016- 2018

Texts / Key Reading: Lacan / Derrida /Larkin.

Outcome – textual and visual artefacts for display and archive
Status Current – 2016 ongoing – towards 2022

This body of Creative Practice is all specific to unique topographies and site specific cultural markers

Primary focus for this project - Drawing and Mixed Media - Humanities and Ontology - visualising familial and wider companionship - bond - commitment.

Marcel Proust's Irremediable solitude: (Beckett)

Sam Beckett quote “Friendship, according to Proust, is the negation of that irremediable solitude to which every human being is condemned.”

The FERMI Paradox "Where is everybody in the Universe'' ?

The Concept of FERMI's Paradox is that despite the huge odds for extra-terrestrial Life beyond Earth - we have located nothing. On Earth we develop strong attachment and sense of Place to Earth and Habitat - to 'HOME"
People and Place. I discuss this visually and in Text - but as Poetics and speculation not seeking empirical science.

Sources : 20th Century Popular Culture - Existentialism and The exploration of visual language in relations to Psychological states of solitude, Isolation and juxtaposed with that of attachment, Companionship and Friendship - Company - sharing, Transference, Intuition, Instinct, Love

Singular and Group work formats 1; Singular and Group work:

Outcomes: A visual and textual document ( Portfolio of drawings - aand a Pamphlet/Zine/ set of pamphlets - text and image documents,
that explore perceptions in relation to :’Observations ‘seen’ perceptions ‘felt’.

Preserving historical and autobiographical 'sightings' and also specific seasonal perceptions