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Dr Myna Trustram

Senior Lecturer

Dr Myna Trustram

I combine my professional experience as a history museum curator with an interest in psychodynamic perspectives on culture. I studied history at the universities of Essex and Bristol. My doctoral research was published by Cambridge University Press as Women of the Regiment: Marriage and the Victorian Army (1984). I then worked in museums in London, Southampton and Preston and most recently at the People’s History Museum in Manchester, and Manchester Art Gallery. I have also worked for five years as an independent cultural consultant.

My interest in the psychodynamics of museums was prompted by literature from the Tavistock Institute and Clinic’s tradition of examining public institutions from a psychoanalytic perspective.

My research interests span museum studies, the writing of experimental non-fiction (essay and memoir) and Practice as Research. My primary theoretical framework is psychosocial (psychoanalysis), in particular the ideas of Donald Winnicott, Christopher Bollas and Thomas Ogden. Most of my research and writing projects touch, to varying degrees, on themes of loss, mourning and melancholia.

I joined Manchester School of Art in 2013 where I co-ordinate the Researcher Development Programme within the Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre.

Psychosocial Research Unit at the University of Central Lancashire.
Nordic Summer University (NSU)
Thinking Space Consultancy and Coaching


Myna Trustram is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


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