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Dr Philip A Sykas

Research Associate

Dr Philip A Sykas

Philip Sykas worked as a textile conservator (1983-1994) and as a museum curator (1994-1998) before embarking on a full-time career in research. His doctoral thesis, completed in 2000, examined nineteenth-century calico printers' pattern books from the perspectives of design, technology and business. His research has since broadened to encompass the full history of textile printing in England, but still focuses on the interconnectivity between pattern design, textile technology and merchanting practice. New knowledge has been generated by the detailed analysis of visual evidence from manufacturers' pattern books. By incorporating this with contemporary written evidence, a new understanding is emerging of historical design practice and its response to developments in technology, as well as to the changing needs of a complex international trade.


A. Brunnschweiler and Co. Archives

This two-year project began in 2013 in order to record the material held by Brunnschweiler (ABC) now that the printing site (defunct since 2007)is scheduled for demolition. Textile printing began on the site at Newton Bank in 1816, carried on for over a century by F. Details…

Arthur H. Lee & Sons Archive

This project reached a climax in 2008 with the mounting of a large-scale exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery. This involved cataloguing the company archive of Arthur H. Details…

Downing Collection

The Downing Collection at MMU contains an important group of textile manufacturers' pattern books from the early nineteenth century to recent times. These include calico printers' books from both the London region and the North West, as well as Parisian subscription service samples. Details…

G.P. & J. Baker Archives

The design studio of G.P. Details…

Swaisland Bicentenary Project

Completed in 2012, this research was allied to the Fabric of Our Town project that marks two hundred years since Charles Swaisland began his calico printing business at Crayford. This was a Heritage Lottery funded project led by the Crayford Manor House Historical Society. Details…

The Polynesian Print: Origins of the Pareu

Little is known of the origin of the printed cloth used for the wrap-around garment of the Polynesian Islands, the pareu, even though the readily-identified printed patterns have become signature motifs for the region. Dale Hope, author of "The Aloha Shirt" initially posed the question whether these patterns may have come from Manchester, and this was the start of a long research journey gathering images, texts and artefacts. Details…

The Rediscovery of Shadow Tissues

This project, supported by the Leverhulme Trust, was completed in 2013 with the publication of a book: The Beauty of Experiment (in two parts): Shadow Tissues at Turnbull & Stockdale by Philip A. Sykas, with a foreword by Paul W. Details…

The Wardle Pattern Books Revealed

Completed in 2009 by the inauguration of an on-line database with interpretive essays, this research project was carried out under the aegis of the MLA Designation Challenge Fund 2006-08 at the Whitworth Art Gallery. Intended to open up "Hidden Histories", the grant project encompassed conservation, research and interpretation of the Thomas Wardle pattern books. Details…

Thomas Hoyle and Sons: Quality Prints for the Masses

This is a joint project with John Beckett, an independent scholar. It seeks to tell the story of this iconic Manchester firm, and to assess its technical innovations and design contributions. Details…


Philip A Sykas is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


Sykas, P. A., 2009. A Textile Dynasty: Arthur H. Lee & Sons, Birkenhead, Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Birkenhead, 1 December 2008 - 29 March 2009.

Sykas, P. A., 2005. The Secret Life of Textiles, Macclesfield Museum, Bolton Museum, 2004-2006.


Sykas, P. A., Belford, P., 2013. 'The Beauty of Experiment (in two parts): Shadow Tissues at Turnbull & Stockdale by Philip A. Sykas, with a foreword by Paul W. Turnbull. The Rediscovery of Shadow Tissues by Patricia Belford, assisted by Beth Milligan', Isle of Man, Turnbull & Stockdale.

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Book Chapters

Sykas, P. A., 2015. 'Textiles 1800-1920'. In Baxter, Denise (eds.) A Cultural History of Dress and Fashion in the Age of Empire, 1, Bloomsbury Academic: London.

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Internet Publications

Sykas, P. A., 2009. 'Identifying Printed Textiles in Dress 1740-1890',

Sykas, P. A., 2009. 'The Wardle Pattern Books Revealed', The Whitworth Art Gallery project site,

Journal Articles

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Sykas, P. A., 2015. 'Cotton for the calico printer', Textiles and the Origins of the Industrial Revolution, University of Hertfordshire and the Clothworkers' Centre, V&A Museum, 15-16 April 2015.

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Other Outputs

Sykas, P. A., 2015. 'Susan W. Greene (2014) Wearable Prints, 1760-1860: History, Materials, and Mechanics', Book review.

Sykas, P. A., 2012. 'Dalglish Falconer pattern books at the Geffrye Museum', Commissioned research for the Geffrye Museum, London.

Sykas, P. A., 2012. 'Identifying Printed Textiles in Dress', V&A/ Dress and Textile Specialists Workshop.

Sykas, P. A., 2011. 'Portland Buildings', Commissioned research for Bruntwood.

Sykas, P. A., 2010. 'Identification of printed textiles in patchwork quilts', Brtish Quilt Study Group Workshop.

Sykas, P. A., 2010. 'Plantation Mill, near Accrington, in the nineteenth century', Commissioned research for Jacobs UK.

Sykas, P. A., 2009. 'Quilt Detectives: Identifying Prints in Patchwork Quilts', Quilt Association Workshop.

Sykas, P. A., 2007. 'Workshop: printed textiles'.

'Carnation' for Morris & Co

Sykas, P. A., 2006. 'Colouring the evidence: the trial books of Thomas Wardle for William Morris, 1875-1884', A poster session describing current research on the Wardle pattern books- the research problem, methodology and preliminary findings..

Sykas, P. A., 2006. 'Hidden Histories: Wardle pattern books project', A group of eleven pattern books from the firms of Thomas Wardle & Co (1875-1908), and Bernard Wardle & Co (1908-1930) form the core of this study. The aim of the project is to make this material widely available to all audiences..

Sykas, P. A., 2005. 'Expert user consultation on 'Pockets of History' Project', One day on-site consultation providing a critical review of the project. A five-page unpublished report was also submitted as part of this consultation.

Sykas, P. A., 2003. 'North West Pattern Book Project', Cataloguing project encompassing six collections of textile pattern books: Bolton Museums, Liverpool John Moores University, Macclesfield Museums, Manchester Archives, Quarry Bank Mill, and Wigan Heritage Service. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund..

Sykas, P. A. & Hargreaves, B., 2001. 'Pattern Book Research in Manchester', Article in a book of conference proceedings. Based on a paper delivered at the conference "Historiar desde la periferia: historia e historias del diseño", Barcelona, 1999..

Sykas, P. A., 2001. 'The G.P. & J. Baker Archives: Interim Report', Consultancy Report: This report was commissioned by G.P. & J. Baker in order to better understand the size, nature, and significance of their archives..