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Dr Steven Gartside

Research Fellow

Steven Gartside is a Research Fellow, Curator of Holden Gallery and course leader for the MA Contemporary Curating Programme, research interests extend across a number of different areas.Previous work includes teaching in the School of Architecture at the University of Liverpool and running the Postgraduate Network Programme at Tate Liverpool.

Curatorial practice currently occurs primarily through the work at Holden Gallery. Since 2013 the programme has been delivering four newly generated thematic shows a year with a focus on international contemporary art. Steven was also responsible for setting up Pavement Gallery, which ran from 2009 - 2012, it was a window space housed in a former drapery store and provided a highly visible stage for the display of international contemporary art.

In addition to the curatorial work, research extends into exploring intersections between art and architecture, with a particular interest in the shifting notion of the 'modern',(literary) writing and the city, contemporary art and the space of the museum. Where possible, there is a concern in the way that writing and exhibition practices might be used as a way of making ideas manifest in alternative forms.

Steven has supervised four PhDs and an MPhil to completion and welcomes research students in the areas of curatorial practice, exhibition histories, as well as theoretical and experiential readings of modern and contemporary spaces through art and photography.

Some recent work is listed below:
-scape (11th April – 20th May 2016)
Fiona Crisp, Hamish Fulton, Laure Prouvost

Up/Down (15th January – 4th March 2016)
Andreas Gefeller, Dryden Goodwin, Noemie Goudal, Katja Strunz, Fiona Tan, Yang Zhenzhong
(this includes a publication with short essay 'City Reading', as well as an essay from Sam Gathercole 'Looking up & Looking Down)

Model Behaviour (26th October – 11th December 2015)
Oliver Boberg, James Casebere, Jordi Colomer, Thomas Demand, Luisa Lambri, Toby Paterson

Trial/Error/Art (16th March – 8th May 2015)
David Batchelor, Olaf Breuning, Rosalind Nashashibi, Romand Signer, John Stezaker, Guido Van der Werve


Steven Gartside is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


Gartside, S., 2021. Atopia Project, Castlefield Gallery.

Gartside, S., 2021. Holden Curatorial Project, Holden Gallery.

Gartside, S., 2018. Holden Gallery Project (revised 2018 version), Holden Gallery.

Gartside, S., 2016. -scape, Holden Gallery, 11th April - 20th May 2016.

Gartside, S., 2016. Up/Down, Holden Gallery, 15th January - 4th March 2016.

Gartside, S., 2015. Model Behaviour, Holden Gallery, 26th October - 11th December 2015.

Gartside, S., 2015. Not: the art of resistance, Holden Gallery, 19th January - 27th February 2015.

Gartside, S., 2015. Platform, Holden Gallery, 10th July - 21st August 2015.

Gartside, S., 2015. Trial/Error/Art, Holden Gallery, 16th March – 8th May 2015.

Gartside, S., 2014. (Dis)order: the compulsion to collect, Holden Gallery, 27th October - 12th December 2014.

Gartside, S., 2014. Holden Curatorial Project, Holden Gallery, 2014 - 2018.

Gartside, S., 2014. Urban Psychosis, Holden Gallery, 14th July - 22nd August 2014.

Gartside, S., 2013. Archive City, Holden Gallery, 4th November - 13th December 2013.

Gartside, S., 2013. Mortality: death and the imagination, Holden Gallery, 8th July - 16th August 2013.

Gartside, S., 2011. Accumulation: experiencing the city, Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), October 2010 - January 2011.

Gartside, S., 2009. The Pavement Programme, Pavement Gallery, 2009 - 2012.

Gartside, S. Gathercole, S, 2006. concrete thoughts: modern architecture and contemporary art, Whitworth Art Gallery, 7 October - 17 December 2006.

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Gartside, S., 2002. Model forms: architecture/sculpture, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 09/02 - 01/03.


Gartside, S., 2013. 'Mortality: death and the imagination', Holden Gallery.


Gartside, S., 2011. 'Addendum: architecture, sculpture and the space of transition', Elterwater: Littoral.

Gartside, S., 2010. 'Accumulation: experiencing the city', Manchester: MOSI.

Gartside, S. Gathercole, S, 2006. 'concrete thoughts: modern architecture and contemporary art', Whitworth Art Gallery.

Book Chapters

Gartside, S., 2018. '978 1 910029 35 0'. In Break in Transmission, Holden Gallery Publications.

Gartside, S., 2011. 'Objects of Curiosity'. In Junebum Park, Seoul: Press Kit Press.

Gartside, S., 2009. 'Casting Shadows'. In Images d’un Renouvellement Urbain, Cherbourg/Paris: Le Point du Jour.

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Gartside, S., 2003. 'Urban Fascination'. In New Facades: Toby Paterson, CCA, Glasgow.

Journal Articles

Gartside, S., 2006. 'Certain Tendencies', Free Association.

Gartside, S., 2005. 'Glimpsing the Ephemeral', Arihitext, April 2005.


Gartside, S., 2010. 'Translation and Transformation in Art and Architecture', Dialogues, Huddersfield Art Gallery, May 2010.

Gartside, S., 2009. 'Inconsistency', Intersections, AAH, conference, MMU, Manchester, 04/09.

Gartside, S., 2009. 'Lost Modern', Research Seminar, University of Sheffield, 05/09.

Gartside, S., 2009. 'Sitting Still', Dwelling, Walking, Falling, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 03/09.

Gartside, S., 2009. 'Space Between', Beton Brut Symposia, Site Gallery, Sheffield, 06/09.

Gartside, S., 2006. 'Certain Tendencies', British Art Show 6 Symposium, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, March 2006.

Gartside, S., 2006. 'Image and the Imaginary: art and the architectural object', Topographies of Modernism, Kunstverien, Munich, July 2005.

Gartside, S., 2005. 'Banalities of Disappearance and Excess', AAH Annual Conference, University of Bristol, April 2005.

Gartside, S., 2005. 'Reconstruction and the Imagined City', Visualising the City, University of Manchester, June 2005.

Gartside, S., 2004. '(mis)placed images', Visual Policies and Practices: Codes and Identities, Goethe Institute, Bucharest, October 2004.

Gartside, S., 2004. 'Fabricating Spaces', AAH Annual Conference 2004, University of Nottingham, April 2004.

Gartside, S., 2003. 'Seaside Surplus', Consuming Spaces, Tate Liverpool, March 2003.

Other Outputs

Gartside, S., 2011. 'osa/merzen', commissioned essay for OSA exhibition.