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Dr Samantha Moore SFHEA

Senior Lecturer
Taught MA/MFA Programme

My practice and research are in the areas of using animation to document, communicating science and working collaboratively. An Eyeful of Sound (2010) won the Nature Award for Scientific Merit at Imagine Film Festival in New York. My PhD by practice (2015) was about using animated documentary to represent unique brain states; prosopagnosia (face blindness) in collaboration with researchers at the University of East London, and phantom limb syndrome with researchers at the University of Sussex. I have recently completed Bloomers (2019), a short animated moving image piece, commissioned by Viennese orchestra Klangforum Wien and Arts Council England, made in collaboration with Swedish composer Malin Bång, the workers at the Headen and Quarmby lingerie factory in Middleton, and producer Abigail Addison (Animate Projects). It won Best British Film at the London international Animation Festival and was nominated for Best Short Film at the British Animation awards, 2020.


A selection of recent research outputs.


Wells, P., Moore, S., 2016. 'The Fundamentals of Animation', Bloomsbury Publishing.

Book Chapters

Moore, S., 2020. 'Transformation: Metamorphosis, animation and fairy tale, in the work of Tim Burton'. In TIM BURTON'S BODIES Gothic, Animated, Corporeal and Creaturely, Edinburgh University Press.

Moore, S., 2018. ''Does this look right?' Working inside the collaborative frame'. In Drawn from Life Issues and Themes in Animated Documentary Cinema, Edinburgh Studies in Film and Intermediality.


Bloomers (2020)

Moore, S., 2019. 'Bloomers'.

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Journal Articles

Moore, S., 2017. 'Secret Architecture - the construction of 'Loop'', Animationstudies 2.0.

Moore, S., 2017. 'Who said that? The dispensability of original sound in animated documentary', Animationstudies 2.0.

Moore, S., 2016. 'Loop: A case study collaborating with scientists for Silent Signal', Animationstudies 2.0.

Moore, S., 2015. 'The animated documentary and 'psychorealism'', Animation Studies.

Conference Papers

Moore, S., 2018. 'Transformation: Metamorphosis, animation, and fairytale, in the work of Tim Burton', Gothic, Ghastly, Corporeal and Creaturely: Tim Burton's Curious Bodies, Lighthouse, University of Wolverhampton, UK, 15/2/2018 - 15/2/2018, in Tim Burton's Curious Bodies.

Moore, S., 2017. 'Animated Spaces: independent female animators and the spaces they work in', "and yet it moves!" 29th Annual Society of Animation Studies conference, University of Padova, Italy, 3/7/2017 - 7/7/2017.

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Moore, S., 2010. 'Getting the picture: Digitally visualizing and animating synaesthesia', American Synesthesia Association conference, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN, 1/10/2010 - 3/10/2010.

Theses and Dissertations

Moore, S., 2015. 'Out of sight: using animation to document perceptual brain states'.