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INTERRUPTIONS series at the Holden Gallery

Interruptions is a series of interdisciplinary performances and events that intersects the Holden Gallery's annual programme of exhibitions, inviting artists from all stages in their careers, from across the UK, including many tutors and alumni from Manchester School of Art. Its format encourages experimental, collaborative practice in the large, open gallery space.

January 2019: Chris Paul Daniels, Sam Meech & Raz Ullah, K Craig, Jenny Baines

May 2019: Tim Brennan, Rory Mullen & Karl Astbury, Louise Adkins

October 2019: Clare Hope, Foreign Investment, Leo Hermitt, Rowland Hill & Jack Sheen

January 2020: Bryony Gillard, Nick Jordan, John Powell-Jones ARM

May 2020: Aliyah Hussain, Barry Sykes, Freya Dooley

Interruptions: Rory Mullen and Karl Astbury 02.05.19Interruptions: Rory Mullen and Karl Astbury 02.05.19
Interruptions: Louise Adkins 10.05.19Interruptions: Louise Adkins 10.05.19
Interruptions: John Powell-Jones 21.01.20Interruptions: John Powell-Jones 21.01.20
Interruptions: Nick Jordan 16.01.20Interruptions: Nick Jordan 16.01.20
Interruptions: Jenny Baines 23.01.19Interruptions: Jenny Baines 23.01.19
Interruptions: K Craig 22.01.19Interruptions: K Craig 22.01.19
Interruptions: Sam Meech and Raz Ullah 17.01.19Interruptions: Sam Meech and Raz Ullah 17.01.19
Interruptions: Chris Paul Daniels 15.01.19Interruptions: Chris Paul Daniels 15.01.19