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 - John Lee

Architecture Research Hub

In an age where more people live in the city than the countryside, issues of architecture and its relationship to urbanism have never been more intellectually fascinating, socially vital and environmentally urgent.

Debates about the role of architecture in an age of economic globalisation, technological futurism, environmental fatalism and deepening social division demands an approach to architectural studies that draws upon a diverse range of practices and plural forms of knowledge.

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Research at Manchester School of Architecture (MSA)


Exhibitions & Publications


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Journal Articles

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Non-Peer Reviewed Articles

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Conference Papers

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Other Outputs

Sanderson, L., Stone, S., Lee, SJ., 2020. 'A Future for the Already Built, Portfolio'.

Lee, S., Sanderson, L., Stone, S., 2020. 'Reclaiming the Road: A Research-by-Design Approach to the Problems of Small Settlements'.

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Sanderson, L., Stone, S., 2019. 'UnDoing, Portfolio'.