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 - Jenny Holt

Media Research Hub

The Media Research Hub is an implicitly interdisciplinary group that supports staff from a wide range of disciplinary fields including film, video, robotic and sound installation, Film and Media Studies, Filmmaking, Interactive Arts and Creative Multimedia.

Research Areas

  • Duration and temporality of the 'still' image
  • Sensorial and bodily experience of photography
  • Filmmaking materiality in photographic and film practices
  • New technologies and the material culture of archives
  • Geomedia, mapping and movement in contemporary art and visual culture
  • Women in comics and subcultural identities
  • National identity through film and popular culture
  • Graphic novel and the comic strip
  • Horror Cinema in Europe
  • Artists and the media
  • Photography and objecthood
  • Embodiment in film documentary
  • Interstices between discursive spaces
  • rituals around documentary and portrait photography
  • History, memory, and psychological relationship with place
  • How the performative process impacts on the interpretation of the artefact in film and/or photography
  • Narratives of the domestic in photography and artist book practices
  • Bestial metaphor within children's literature
  • Multi-sensory and multimodal perception
  • Speculative Realism, speculative materialism and object-oriented philosophy
  • Repurposing visual, sonic and haptic technologies
  • Sound and unsound theory, installation and process
  • Wearable technologies and ubiquitous computing

Recent Projects

Installation, screening and panel discussion at the Tate Britain.

Edited collection with Mel Gibson (University of Northumbria) and David Huxley (MMU).

Participation in a week long artist's residency.

Forensic, photographic collage for Finding Treblinka project, commissioned by Centre for Archaeology, Staffordshire University, and funded by Rothschild Foundation.

Interactive robotic installation


Exhibitions & Publications


Daniels, C., 2023. Is there anybody there?, HOME, 17/2/2023 - 4/6/2023.


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Fairclough, K., Wood, J., 2022. 'Pop Stars on Film Popular Culture in a Global Market', Bloomsbury.

Book Chapters

Fairclough, K., 2023. 'Hold Up: Mapping the Boundaries between Music Video and Video Art'. In Dreckmann, K., Vomberg, E. (eds.) More Than Illustrated Music Aesthetics of Hybrid Media Between Pop, Art and Video, Bloomsbury.

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Journal Articles

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Holt, J., 2021. 'Designing filmmaking: shaping first-year curriculum for transition, progression and effective collaboration', Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, 20 (2), pp. 185-200.

Conference Papers

Holt, J., 2021. ''Rainforest restoration in the Scottish Highlands: practice-led film research', eco-media lll, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Holt, J., 2021. 'Audio-visual criticality: video essay as a tool to address diverse educational needs of filmmaking students', Media Education Summit, University of Leeds.

Holt, J., Baron, R., 2021. 'Imagined Village: a virtual creative collaboration between film students in the UK and the USA', GLAD Higher Education conference: Responding-Reframing-Rethinking, Nottingham Trent University.


Sibley, J., Fairclough, K., 2022. 'Digital Events Academy - A music venues' pivot to digital: A story of music, collaboration and learning during the global pandemic', Manchester.

Other Outputs

Penny, D., 2021. 'A Fallen Line of Marble Drums'.

Penny, D., 2021. 'Whetstone'.