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Fifty Years of Illustration Full page - Ian Whadcock

Art Pedagogy Experiment
Research Group

The A.P.E. is a VISIONARY research community that will challenge and EXPERIMENT through/in/out/between/in-between/about/for PEDAGOGY within art, design, media and architecture. Experimental and dynamic addressing a values based education and how values affect us both personal and institutional. EXPERIMENTAL AND IMPROVISATIONAL. How values affect us, our communities and the influence they have. FORMS OF INQUIRY. It will resist the broader agendas and look to a sense of vision i.e. Black Mountain College and recapture that holistic vision. NEW TERRITORIES. EDUCATION FLOW. How education communities work. How things are negotiated within teaching AND LEARNING. transitions. INTERDISCPLINARITY. Pedagogic play and creativity. EXPLORATION. It will do contextual and action orientated research have an application into teaching/practice. It will disseminate through socialised communities. Be CHALLENGING and QUESTIONING. Visualise pedagogy. A democratic learning. Discipline free. FREE FORM To EXPERIMENT!



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