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Mike Collins

Technician, Audio-Visual


Telephone: 0161 247 1299

Location: Chatham Building

Michael has worked in a customer focused environment for the last 25 years therefore he understands the need for good communication and excellent customer service.

He left school in 1984 at the age of 16 and joined a photographic retail company called Will. R. Rose based in Oldham. At the same time he was a messenger for the Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph Newspaper Group at Thompson house in Manchester, which is now the PrintWorks. A year later Michael joined Tecno a photographic sales company in the city centre.

After almost 10 years Michael moved on to further his career prospects joining Leeds Photovisual later to become Calumet Photographic. In this role he dealt with professional bodies including the Police Service, Hospital Service and Universities as well as professional photographers and students alike. During his time there he became the in-store Nikon Specialist and gained knowledge and confidence in demonstrating and selling many photographic and audio visual products. He attended many seminars, training courses and trade shows which were invaluable in enabling his career development.

Michael left Calumet in April 2009 and joined the Technical Services Team at Manchester Metropolitan University within the Art and Design Faculty. Michael works as a Flexible Technician, based in the Audio Visual Store in the Chatham building, advising and assisting both staff and students. He is enjoying his role and is a committed member of the team.