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Brittain, D., 2014.

Eduardo Paolozzi At New Worlds: Science Fiction and Art in the Sixties

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Savoy Books, Manchester

To reposition itself as a magazine of new science fiction, New Worlds introduced half tone illustration and began to publish images by Pop artists. Pre-eminent among those was Eduardo Paolozzi who was a friend and collaborator of JG Ballard, a key contributor to New Worlds. Using existing and new sources, the book maps the convergences between the new science fiction and Pop art, with special emphasis on Paolozzi's new art works of the time, such as the edition Moonstrips Empire News. The publication contains recent interviews with New Worlds contributors: Michael Moorcock, JG Ballard, Michael Butterworth, Charles Platt, Christopher Finch and John Clute.