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Parkinson, C., 2009.

Invest to Save: Arts in Health - Reflections on a 3 year period of research and development in the North West of England

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Australasian Journal of Arts and Health
Publisher:University of Newcastle Australia
Pagination:pp. 40-60

A reflective account of a three-year mixed-methodological research and
development project in the North West of England, exploring the impact of
creativity, culture and the arts on public health, taking national developments
in the field into account. As a result of encouraging a wider critical discourse in
the field, this project has contributed to the development of the language of arts
and health practice. Art and science are frequently described as the twin pillars
of civilisation, but rather than desperate attempts to wrap the arts in hard-edged
objectification and pseudo-scientific language, we need to use a vocabulary
that's appropriate for a wider audience and in particular remember that it's the
creative practice, or experience, that is central. The arts have a profound affect
on individuals and society, but while governments obsess with measurements
of deficit and morbidity, culture and the arts offer us something more than
a mechanism for target delivery, they illuminate our very essence and offer
us a means of expressing what it is to be human.