Participant Comments


" I feel very definitely that the project gave, and continues to give, me many things. Not least that I had always considered 'art' as something other people did, something that wasn't part of my life, something that was alien to me. To feel 'part of art' has been a life changing experience. The opportunity the project gave to share my truth with others, and for them to share their truths with me - has also been massive. To be naked in front of others (both metaphorically and physically) gives a confidence in who I am, in who others are and has built a special bond. I feel as if we 'know' each other in a different way. In terms of recovery I feel that the project has enabled us all to get the message - that recovery is out there - to new audiences and, as a result, for people to share and consider their own relationship with substances. Finally, I feel that it has set me off on a new path within my own recovery i.e. exploring what it means to be human. "


" I've never felt confident about my face or body, even when I was young , slim and fit. I'd avoid photos and wince if I caught my own reflection. Since doing the project I've embraced ME and don't recognize "ugly" in me any more. It's all me "


" I looked at old photos and thought why was I so bothered about how I looked years ago, I didn't embrace the young slim beauty I was like I should of x I'm now the size of a tent and I've never felt freer x the project helped me realise that happiness is nothing to do with how you look at all and ive started to embrace my wackiness and challenge myself  also I met other beauties on the project that are now friends for life because we built a circle of trust. "


" My participation in Wonderland felt normal and whole. The project’s shared and collective delivery somehow acted as a kind of glue that's helped re-frame and reconfigure my fragmented self. Art and image taking has allowed me to differently make sense and understand what is and has been happening. Taking part mirrored back respective feelings of value and self-worth. I found a different way of looking at self by recognizing the aesthetic value in images that I would previously have rejected for their ugliness. I'm more certain that art can act as a strategy for recovery now. I’m utilizing what's always been with me, my constant cultural assets as symbolic of central core beliefs and values. Hence I've always been valuable, had value within me, it’s just that I lost sight of this - but art and Wonderland is and has allowed me to re-visualize who I am and what I might be. "