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Digital Portfolios

If you have applied to one the following undergraduate courses at Manchester School of Art, then we will ask you to provide a digital portfolio as part of the application process.

  • BA (Hons) Fashion (W230)
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design (W210)
  • BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation (W217)

Also some applicants to other practice-based courses may be asked to provide a digital portfolio.

We would like you to submit your Digital Portfolio as a Blog. This is easy to do and if you follow the instructions below you should not experience any difficulty. But please contact the Admissions Team if you have any queries.

1. Set-up a blog

We recommend using Blogger to create your blog, but we accept portfolios hosted on other sites.

To create a blog using Blogger you will need a Google account. The Blogger Getting Started Guide provides further advice on how to create a blog.

To protect your privacy, we recommend that you do not publish any personal details on your blog, such as your name or contact details. You can use your UCAS number as the blog title, e.g.

You can also use the administrative settings to stop your blog from being included in Blogger listings or being indexed by search engines.

2. Upload your portfolio

Please upload no more than 20 examples of your work to the blog. This can include:


For each image or photograph provide a short statement of no more than 100 words telling us about your work. Include a description of the media you have used and the dimensions of the work.


If you have any films that you want to include in your portfolio, please add a link or embed the video in your blog. Tell us about your film (maximum 100 words) and state the duration of the film. If you made the film as part of a group, please tell us which role you undertook.

Development Work

Include scans of one or two pages of your sketch or notebooks or other examples of development work to demonstrate your working method and ideas.

Advice on creating your blog

Images and videos should be carefully selected to be representative of your work and interests.

Consult your teacher to help you create the blog, but make sure all the work you upload is your own.

If you do reference other peoples' work make sure that the source is clearly stated.

Be prepared to have several attempts at creating the blog before it is finished, so that it goes through a refining process.

Make sure that you set your blog read permissions to public so that we can access it and that all the images are visble and links work before you submit it.

3. Submit your blog

Submit the web address of your blog by using our online form at

We will then review your digital portfolio alongside the information you have provided in your application form.