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UAL Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

How to Apply

Please apply directly to the University. You will also need to provide a digital portfolio.

Application Timeline

For September 2024 entry

  • The course remains open for applications.

Digital Portfolio Requirements

We require you to submit a digital portfolio with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 images or presentation slides (a single slide can contain more than one image).

Your portfolio should evidence developmental and completed work as well as contextual references (artist, designers ‘things’ that inspire you). This might include:

  • Visual and contextual research in the form of sketchbook pages or written notes
  • Developmental work in the form of sketchbook pages, worksheets, notebooks, material samples and experiments for a range of projects
  • Images of resolved or completed project work
  • Photographic images of large scale and/or three-dimensional work

Please write a short sentence to accompany each image which helps to explain what the image is about.

The images should evidence the range of processes and mediums you have experimented with. We are also interested in what inspires and informs your work, so if appropriate please include some information on what you do when you are not making art, such as other interests, reading, being part of group, sport, volunteering, jobs, etc.

Uploading Your Portfolio

You will need to include a web link to your portfolio with your application. This section provides further guidance on how to set-up an online portfolio.

How to Create an Online Portfolio

There are many free online hosting platforms available, please select a platform that works best for you.

Below are some hosting services that have been used previously by applicants, but you can use any platform you like as long as we can access it.

You can also use YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud to host media files, or documents on Yumpu or Issuu.

Protecting Your Privacy

We recommend that you do not publish any personal details on your online portfolio.

Some platforms also allow you to disable indexing of your online content by search engines.

General Advice

Images and videos should be selected to be representative of your work and interests.

Consult your teacher to help you create your digital portfolio, but make sure all the work you upload is your own.

If you do reference other peoples’ work make sure that the source is clearly stated.

Be prepared to have several attempts at creating the digital portfolio before it is finished, so that it goes through a refining process.

Make sure that you we can access your digital portfolio without a password and that all the images are visble and links work before you submit it.

Submit Your Application

Please apply online using the link below. As well providing your details, please include your digital portfolio with your application as a link to an online digital portfolio.

We recommend that you read our advice on completing your online application as not all sections of the form need to be completed.

You can review our current Terms and Conditions before you make your application.