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Rajnagar Mill installation - Stephen Dixon

Asian Cultures
Research Group

The Asian Cultures group aims to bring cultural, social, and economic, impact intersecting a critical understanding of specialist research to the international platform. Manchester is a diverse city; connecting cultures and Asian communities who have lived here for several generations. The Asian Cultures group will disseminate new knowledge to partners.

The Asia Cultures group will champion new and innovative 21st century cultural ideas that contribute strongly to Manchester's ambitions to be ‘Culturally Distinctive’ and ‘Culturally Connected’ — a city with an international reputation for arts and culture. The Asian Cultures group research fits with the GM Strategy which states, ‘A greater focus on internationalism will be fundamental to the future prosperity of Greater Manchester. We need to respond to the changing global economic market to develop and strengthen our links with new and growing markets such as China, India and the Middle East’.

The Asian Cultures group will underpin the impact on a broad range of its research that supports:

  • Curatorial Laboratory sessions with curators, artists and academics.
  • Collaborating with key partner museums, galleries, festivals and international Biennials.
  • Support major international research programme in Asian art and culture.
  • Hold regular public, academic and international events, including talks, seminars, workshops and symposia.
  • Collaborate with public policy makers, including the British Council, Arts Council England, AHRC and other key funders.
  • Sustain the Asia Triennial Manchester, ATM17 research programme with key local, national and international partners.
  • Strengthen partnerships with Asian sponsors and universities, building new higher education networks to reach new students.


Contemporary art and crafts from Asia and the international diaspora.

From Restoration Series of large Nobel Peace Prize Winners portrait heads 2011/13