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Talk #124

Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton

Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton (b.1991, Bolton) lives in London and participated in the Royal Academy Schools post-graduate programme (2018-2022). Rebecca graduated from Manchester School of Art (2016), completed a short course on Feminism and Contemporary Art at Middlesex University (2016), and was the 2016 recipient of the 1yr Woon Foundation Fellowship with Baltic Gallery & Northumbria University. They participated in School of The Damned, an alternative self-organised MA (2018) and received an Arts Council England grant to curate a 6 month arts programme and exhibitions ‘Beacons’ at Caustic Coastal in collaboration with Islington Mill, Salford, (2017-18).

Rebecca’s work engages sculpture, photography, written word and curating, making use of the transformative properties of materials. The work meanders through geographies and histories, from the micro and internal expanding outwards into a birds-eye view. It is in-between industrial and biotic, often fragmentary. Grounded in a feminist critique of land ownership, bodies and desires, the undercurrent of the work explores an intergenerational connection through cyclical time, bodies, and place, and the boundaries between them.