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Talk #41

Simon Faulkner

Dr Simon Faulkner is a Senior Lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture at Manchester School of Art, where he has been teaching since 1992. His current research is concerned with relationships between visual images, visibility, and politics, with a focus on Israel/Palestine. This research has involved fieldwork in both Israel and the West Bank, and engaged with a range of visual practices, including art, photography, and visual activism.

A key output from this research has been the 2015 book Between States, jointly authored with the Israeli artist and activist David Reeb. He is currently working on a monograph, provisionally entitled The Aesthetics of Separation, based on his research in Israel/Palestine between 2007 and the present. Since 2015, Faulkner has also been a member of the Visual Social Media Lab, based within Manchester School of Art, the work of which focusses on developing methods for the analysis of images used on social media.