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Talk #61

David Osbaldeston

David Osbaldeston works with combined forms of media to produce works and installations which are often triggered by the manipulation of printed matter as both psychological instrument and material substance. His observations on human behaviour are often reorganised into idiosyncratic systems to realise a parallel logic within the work. The ongoing concern is to reconcile the world as it presents itself with the world as it is conveyed through language. He undertook his studies at the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam as well as Manchester, and Sheffield. His work has been exhibited in solo representations at various institutions in the UK and elsewhere. In recent years he has worked with Matt's Gallery, London who represent him, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. He is currently Reader in Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and lives in the UK. His works are in a number of private and public collections including the Tate Collection, The British Council, Contemporary Art Society, and the Whitworth Art Gallery.

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