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Talk #67

Jo Fong

Anna Macdonald (MA/MFA Contemporary Performance Programme Leader) talks to Jo Fong. Jo lives in Cardiff and her creative work reflects the need in these times for people to come together. Her artistic practice is an evolving, collaborative approach which puts ideas around belonging or forming community in the forefront. The work is cultivated through face-to-face contact, it's about connection, communication and how we live together. She’s presented performances at numerous festivals including Rise, Experimentica, Dublin Theatre Festival, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, Cardiff Dance Festival, British Council Edinburgh Showcase and British Dance Edition.

Currently Jo is working remotely on an archive of voices called What will people need? with Battersea Arts Centre. Marathon of Intimacies with dance artist Anushiye Yarnell. Jo and clown/circus creative George Orange are planning to return to UK’s village halls this autumn with The Rest of Our Lives, she describes this performance as a it's a kind of party.

Jo and artist Sonia Hughes have been working together for 10 years. Together they describe themselves as award-winning, middle-aged, provincial, international artists. Their collaborations include Ways of Being Together, Neither Here Nor There, To Tell You the Truth, Our Land and The Sun’s Come Out. Conversation, listening, learning and unlearning are the heart of the work and during this time Jo has been supporting numerous artists in Wales, England and internationally. Jo’s just recently been appointed as Creative Associate at the National Arts Centre of Wales and has been thinking about how her work can be part of the cultural changes needed in this time. What are art centres for, who goes there and why?

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