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Talk #85

Andrew Bracey

Andrew Bracey is an artist based in Waddington. His work emphasises the importance of looking, attentiveness and materiality in appropriation and explores the slippages between the original/reproduction, artist/curator, painter/artist. His current PhD by Practice is testing his original position of the ‘Parasitical Painter’; how contemporary artists use historical paintings to initiate new dialogue between the past and the contemporary.

He is engaged in two ongoing (and potentially lifelong) collaborative artistic research projects: Bummock: Artists and Archives, with Danica Maier and Midpointness, with Steve Dutton. His Solo exhibitions include Isherwood Gallery, Wigan; Usher Gallery, Lincoln; Nottingham Castle; Manchester Art Gallery; Wolverhampton Art Gallery; Transition Gallery, London and firstsite, Colchester; alongside over 150 group shows and 20 curated exhibitions. He is co-course leader of MA Fine Art at The University of Lincoln.