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Talk #9

Cross Pollination

Michael Pinchbeck interviews Patrick Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Drama and Contemporary Performance at Manchester School of Art, and other members of Cross Pollination (CP). Founded in 2018 by Marije Nie and Adriana La Selva, CP is an international research-based performance platform on the dialogue in-between practices, where practitioners and researchers work together on the transformation and generation of knowledge. Marije and Adriana have set up the Parliament of Practices, an international network online forming an ecology of research and practices. CP have started the Quarantine Sessions - creative Zoom sessions generating scenic material for the development of future performances. CP members Dr Andrea Maciel and Dr Alex Boyd, trustees of Intercultural Roots for Traditional Embodied Arts / Public Health, have developed online classes as a part of their National Lottery-funded Health & WELLth: Get Active Online series. 1001 Fires is a day of solidarity and connection with artists and makers across the globe