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Talk #99

Neil Bruce

Neil is a composer, field recordist, sound designer and sound artist based in Manchester, with over 30 years experience in music, recording and soundscape research. He is a lecturer in Music and Sound Design at MMU and holds a PhD in Soundscapes from the University of Salford. With over 40 million streams, Neil also releases music and sound art under the name Light B4 Sound. His work has been used in film, TV and computer games.

His research interests and sound practice focuses on soundscape, perception, field recording, sound preservation and immersive audio. Building sound worlds based on themes of isolation, hauntology, psychogeography, post-truth, infrastructure, decay and liminal edge-lands spaces.

Additionally, Neil’s practice also includes exploring the nature, process and development of creativity as a skill, through workshops, exercises and interdisciplinary collaboration. He hosts the Creativity Kickstarter podcast and authored ‘Creativity Kickstarter : 100 strategies and exercises to kickstart your creativity’.