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Thursday 9 March 2017

The Way We Live Now

Continuity in Architecture Symposium


The nature of the home has, over the last generation, radically changed. Many of us are no longer able to live or even desire to live in comfortable three bedroom homes with small gardens and parking for two cars. Shared housing, co-housing, communal living, affordable housing, multi-generational living, adaptable home, homes for life, downsizing, up-scaling, are all relevant issues and pertinent to the way we live now. This needs to be combined with a sympathetic reading of place and culture to introduce alternative views, difference, variation and change.

This symposium will present a collection of talks and discussions about the impact that the twenty-first century life has upon the domestic environment.

Malcolm Fraser
Ranbir Lal: RLAD
Robert Evans: Evans Vettori Architects
Jane Brake and John van Aitken: The Institute of Urban Dreaming
William Mann: Witherford Watson Mann Architects
Chair: Sally Stone

Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter describe “the city as a didactic instrument” a place in which a desirable discourse can be formulated and it is through these investigations that the evidence for the argument of redesign is collected. The reading and understanding of the message of the city or of the individual building provides the basis for the discussion and eventual agreement that is the process of remodelling.

All welcome.