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Thursday 28 March 2019

Matters of Procedure


‘Matters of Procedure’ is a live research project initiated by curator Katy Morrison working with students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year BA Fine Art.

‘Matter’ can be defined as a subject or situation, ‘Procedure’ as the action conducted to investigate it. As a starting point, students embarked on a three-day micro-residency, taking up space within the Grosvenor Side Gallery to explore the process of posing problems, and staging conditions to explore new approaches to thinking and working.

By bringing materiality, performance, process and other modes of production into contact with curation, students will be investigating new approaches to the notion of  a ‘curatorial studio’ and by doing so, will explore both the context of studio-based practice and gallery-based exhibition making. 

This ‘curatorial studio’ becomes an important part of the project and not just the site for the containment of exhibitions, it becomes a ‘technique’ to be used and considered for artistic and curatorial research. With this, curating becomes a platform for enquiry and the exhibition-making process becomes the tool for investigation. By considering the role of method, structure and what theorists such as Foucault and Giorgi Agamben call ‘apparatus’, we open up a dialogue, and set a series of questions in motion as we consider and question the structure of the exhibition.