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Monday 13 Sunday 19 September 2021

Jess Power

'Half time at the day light twist'

A solo exhibition exploring an imagined space between the 3rd and 2nd Dimensions...

The daylight twist is a world of festivities, historical fantasy, games, and mystery that exists somewhere between our world and the two-dimensional world of the picture plane. It serves as an analogy for painting - what it means to engage in its history at a time of abundant reproduction, interpretation, and misinterpretation. This mythical environment provides an arena for playful questioning on historical fantasy, the simulacra, and the idea of needing to find meaning and a sense of belonging. Although joyous at first glance, an air of trickery and loneliness haunts the world of the daylight twist. Forever stuck, petrified halfway between becoming and falling away, it is subject always to the inevitable rules of painting, our seemingly rigid way of understanding the world and desire to quantify.

The exhibition will include work from the first half of Jess’s time on the Freeland's Painting Fellowship at the Manchester School of Art. It includes painting and sculpture that are part of a project in progress. These works have been instrumental in the development of Jess’s ideas and are the birthplace of The daylight twist.

Private View
16 September 2021
5.30 - 7.30pm

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