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Thursday 25 January 2024

Another Way of Telling Michael Pinchbeck


To mark the 40th anniversary of Another Way of Telling (1982) by writer, John Berger, and photographer, Jean Mohr, Michael Pinchbeck explores the relationship between performance and photography, photographer and photographed.

This immersive slideshow asks how photographs tell a story. A single performer guides the audience through the pages of the book using a live camera, a medical trolley loaded with mementos, Berger’s words and Mohr’s images. She travels between fact and fiction, philosophy and poetry, restaging interviews, and becoming the woman whose life the pictures evoke. She brings to life a fragmented book to ask how photography captures moments in time.

Performed by Hayley Doherty.

Commissioned by Harrogate Theatre and supported by Primary (Nottingham) and Manchester School of Art, Another Way of Telling is the final piece of The Berger & Mohr Trilogy, following on from A Fortunate Man (2018) and A Seventh Man (2020).

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Presented as part the 2024 Future Flares Festival

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