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Identity, development and creative communities: Tulani Hlalo's art school experience

8 June 2017

Part of our Degree Show series

To celebrate the Manchester School of Art Degree Show, we will be sharing the opinions and experiences of those showcasing work.

Previously Photography student Chloe Ogden shared the influences behind her photographic explorations of loss. In this instalment Fine Art student Tulani Hlalo discussed what influences her work, experiences at Manchester School of Art and advice for future students.

What is the process behind your Degree Show work?

At this moment in time, my practice is heavily influence by my own experiences of identity, whether it be culturally, visually or conceptually driven.

I have a deep interest in socio-political issues surrounding black hair. Through the use of colour context, fluid form and performative video pieces I like to address the themes with a playful aesthetic whilst leaving enough space for the viewer to fill in the gaps in whatever way they choose.

How do you think your creative process has developed through your studies?

There have been several things that have influenced the development of my practice during my time here, whether it be the exploration of materials through workshops or the vital relationship you build with your tutors. I’d say the aspect that’s effected the development of my creative practice the most are the conversations you have with your peers in the studio, casual or critical, they’ve all helped mould my practice.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of taking a creative degree or about to start one at Manchester School of Art?

If you’re passionate about creating then this is probably the most fun you’ll have getting a degree, and the friends you make on the creative course are probably going to last you a lifetime. Manchester is such a vibrant and diverse city, so just take everything in and let it influence you.

Tulani’s work will be on display at our Degree Show until 21 June. If you would like to find out more about her work, visit her Degree Show profile.