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Silent Post

Thursday 2 July Thursday 13 August 2009

Silent Post

Marita Fraser, Matthew Higgs, Emilie Pitoiset and Chu Yun

SILENT POST is a group exhibition that explores themes of appropriation, value, temporality and distance. The title of the exhibition is one of numerous names to describe the game of ‘successive whispers’, where a phrase is passed from one person to another. In the course of its journey, meaning is gradually altered as each player becomes author of their own version.

SILENT POST considers the actual conditions in which contemporary art is both anchored and perpetuated. The artistic act of reproduction has a synchronic duality: it permits the original to survive, but it also entails its death. The intention of this exhibition is to reveal and highlight the artistic and curatorial procedure involved in the adaptation of past works as well as the implications in displaying reproducible art pieces.