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Martin Creed

Friday 21 September Thursday 1 November 2012

Martin Creed

Work No.268 Half the air in a given space

Pavement Gallery is pleased to present Work no.268 Half the air in a given space by Turner Prize winner Martin Creed. The work will transform the gallery by filling the space with black balloons which are inflated to occupy half the air in the room, therefore converting this normally invisible measurement into a perceptible form. Pavement Gallery is a fitting space to set off the ‘disarmingly simple’ yet immediately arresting nature of Creed’s sculptural installations.

External viewing of the gallery and the work is possible at all times; but exclusively for Work no.268 Half the air in a given space, visitors are able to enter the space to fully experience the work. Internal access is only available 2 – 6pm on Fridays and space is limited; due to the size of the gallery, only two people can be admitted at a time and this will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Additionally, booking may be possible at other times, please email