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Supermen, as part of Foreign Investment (co-authors: Alma Tischler-Wood, Dr. Claudia Wegener) (2004)

The aim of 'Supermen' was to develop a new performative artwork for a group exhibition dealing with art and expression after '9/11'. The work addressed issues of power and communication.
The artists' group Foreign Investment ( of which Jurack is a founder member) is a collective that fuses artwork production and consumption with regard to Bourriaud's theory of "relational aesthetics".
'Intervention', curated by Kathy Kenny, brought together artists from different ethnic backgrounds to respond to "The War on Terror". For the exhibition, Foreign Investment developed 'Supermen', a silent play in 12 scenes. Performed as a live event, 'Supermen' involved twelve suited men responding to pre-scripted actions relayed through small headphones, mingling conspicuously with audiences and raising a direct and immediate awareness of power structures and the spaces we inhabit in relation to others.

After the original performance, 'Supermen' was disseminated further through Performance Research Magazine's 'On The Page' (V9, No.2, 2004), re-worked as a printed script and digital animation as performance for computer screen and distributed on disc with the magazine.
The impact of 'Supermen' led directly to two further commissions; 'Sunday Matinee' (Liverpool, 3 April 2005) was developed for the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology in Liverpool as a one-off event
in a high-rise tower block with live song, poetry, exchange, dance and performance (archived at

William Furlong (Audio Arts) invited the group to intervene in the 'Agendas IV - Neighbours in Dialogue', Venice Biennial, 2005 with the live ''Das Venedig Oratorium' performance comprising megaphone and cassette players. (This later, but related, work was disseminated in 'Agendas IV' (published by Wimbledon, Newport and Cardiff Schools of Art, Duncan of Jordanstone, Audio Arts and Interface, Ulster, 2005, ISBN 0-948327-21-9).

First performed in 'Intervention' John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, 30 September - 15 November 2003 later reworked for Performance Research Magazine's 'On The Page' (V9, No.2, 2004)