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Clare Calveley BA, MA, PGCE

Textiles in Practice

Clare Calveley is a Researcher/Educator/Graphic Artist/Designer and Lecturer at Manchester School of Art on the BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice programme.
Her qualifications in Textiles and Graphic Design explore a multi-disciplinary approach to commissions and client projects.

Clare is a Fellow of the Teaching Academy. As an educator, she can draw on a very broad range of digital and material skills, with a wide contextual understanding both within the creative industries (especially in Textiles, Fashion and Graphics) and the wider art world. Clare's commitment to teaching and learning is impeccable, alongside her innovative input on the course in the printed textiles area. She's a tutor with excellent organisational skills. Clare teaches and champions the AVA specialist industry leading print software for the decorative industry to BA & MA students within the school of Art at MMU. During this last year, Clare has made strides to implement new ways to promote employability and graduate outcomes to the entire cohort of final-year students.

Clare's research is taking an interesting trajectory towards commercial print and visualisation applications, alongside a future PhD in social design.

Her research graphically investigates space, place, and non-places in a physical and non-physical manor. This has stemmed from her MA research of the coffin, space, people and the relationship between them.
This has opened up the concept of ‘The Unfolded Journey of TRANScoffinATION.’

Her PhD will require an adaptation to her practice direction, away from being very much subjectively driven by her own experiences, to looking at its application for others in a design context. She sees this being framed as a natural next stage in the development of her ideas. Even if the focus remains on grief, the topics of health (end of life care, health of grieving survivors, managing un-heathy grief/recovery), well-being (dealing with loss as an individual through design/creativity), and social change (adjusting attitudes to death and communicating bereavement, challenging the norms of the funeral industry) are still very relevant.


Second Edition of The Fundamentals of Printed Textiles

In 2020 Clare was approached by established Graphic Artist and Print Designer Alex Russell, who is featuring her conceptual practice development in the second edition of ‘The Fundamentals of Printed Textiles’. Within the book she will also have product photography she did for British accessories designer Abigail Knott. Details…

State of the Arts

Clare has secured in-kind funding in the past from Nova Chrome UK, to create an installation for various shows such as her MA Show in 2017. She has been working with the company to print graphic imagery onto metal, then testing the materials properties. Details…

TRANSvisualATION for British Textile Biennial 2021

This project 'TRANSvisualATION' explores how printed textiles can be explored digitally, but still able to view its physical properties through virtual movement. 'Flow' & 'Scrunch' are created using the swatcheditor software, whilst ‘Coffination’ was created in Fusion 360. Details…


Other Outputs

Russell, A., 2021. 'The Fundamentals of Printed Textiles - Second Edition'.