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A report of Menas ×mogaus gerovei (Art for well-being) which was implemented over 2012 by the Artists Association Gallery and financed by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania. The goal of the project was to promote access to culture and well-being through the creative partnership of professionals within culture, education, health care and social services - presenting new approaches towards arts and health. Activities were delivered in four health-care and social-care organisations in Vilnius and Paneve×ys. The target groups of these activities were seniors, mental health service users, clinicians and children. The project evaluation employed quantitative and qualitative methods of which illustrated the positive impact of the artistic activities to the well-being of participants. By creating access to culture, the project taught the participants new skills and capacities, encouraged aspiration to improve skills and create new knowledge. The evaluation revealed positive impacts on emotion and mood, self-esteem, social vitality, communication and relationships, encouraging openness and strengthening a sense of community. (This report is in Lithuanian, but google translate will help you translate sections. Arts for Health continue to work with partners in Lithuania to further develop this work.

Ieva, Clive and RomaIeva, Clive and Roma