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Dominica Harrison

Illustration with Animation

Dominica is an award winning artist from Moscow currently based in UK. She specialises in animation direction and illustration, with a particular focus on printmaking. Dominica’s work is inspired by the themes of memory, ritual and liminality.

Her short film 'Illusions' was made entirely using a screenprint technique and had worldwide success at festivals and art exhibitions. She has worked as a painter and animator on feature animation 'Loving Vincent’. She has also collaborated on mural, illustration and performance projects with artists from Kathmandu, Nepal; Oaxaca, Mexico and India.

Her latest short film ‘Chado’ made with the support from BFI Network and produced by Animate Project has been longlisted for BAFTA 2021 and shown in more than 40 international festivals and selected for Vimeo Staff Pick.
As part of the presentation of the film, Dominica has toured UK with two solo shows showcasing pre-production work from the film. Rather than looking at animation solely as a form of cinema, Dominica is interested in presenting her films in the art and design spaces, working in the intersection between animation, printmaking, performance and installation.

Dominica has been teaching in higher education since 2018. She has worked as Technician and as an Associative Lecturer in University of Arts London (LCC and CCW) and Kingston University. She facilitated variety of talks and workshop in universities across UK, including KSA; MMU; ECA; LAU and UCA. She currently works as a 0.06fte Lecturer on Illustration with Animation course in MMU.


Black Rock

Black Rock (2022) An ongoing visual experiment reflecting on the themes of alchemical transformation, ritualistic practice and prayer in the context of modern western society. ‘Black Rock’ is a volcanic landscape that came directly from my subconsciousness in a form of a dream. Details…


Chado (2020) During a long hot summer in the forest, Child is forced to grow up. First her Dog becomes ill, then out of the blue her Mother returns to their dacha with a new lover. Details…


Situated pieces of work, such as murals and location-based installations are a big part of my practice. - Collaborative mural made as part of the artist-in-residency program in Kaalo. Details…

Lover's Leap

Lover's Leap (2023) A visual journey investigating the concept of ‘leap of faith'. Realised as a 40-page comic book. Details…