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Elisa Oliver

Senior Lecturer
Art Theory and Practice


Elisa Oliver is a member of the Art and Performance Research Hub.


Oliver, E., 2017. Tasting Joyce, Joyce Centre Dublin, 2/11/2017 - 3/11/2017.

Book Chapters

Oliver, E., 2018. 'Tasting Joyce (curated event)'. In Oliver, E. (eds.) Tasting Joyce, pp. 15-25, Manchester Metropolitan University, Sheffield Uk.

Internet Publications

Oliver, E., Mansfield, L., 2016. 'Feast', http://www.//,.

Journal Articles

Oliver, E., Whitehall, J., 2022. 'The Past Dreams the Future Present': Dream as Political Visual Historiography in the work of Artist and Film Maker Derek Jarman (Aug 22) IDEA Journal: Interdisciplinary Discourses, Education and Analysis', IDEA - Interdisciplinary Discourses, Education and Analysis, 2, pp. 72-88.

Oliver, E., 2018. 'From Gaze to Witness: Masculinity and Loss in George Shaw's Paintings of Tile Hill', FORUM: University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Journal of Culture & the Arts, 27.