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Eileen Simpson

Senior Lecturer

I work at the intersection of art, music and information networks. My ongoing project Open Music Archive, in collaboration with artist Ben White, is an initiative to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings and a vehicle for collaborative projects.

Recent projects include include: Auditory Learning commissioned for British Art Show 8 touring: Leeds, Edinburgh, Norwich, Southampton (2015/16), Premonition 2037 for KALEIDOSCOPE: A Moment of Grace, Modern Art Oxford (2016), Music For Children for FOUND at The Foundling Museum, London, (2016), Barragán Sound System at MK Gallery (2014), Local Recall, Hallé St Peter’s, Manchester (2014) Playhead for Schizophonia at CAC La Synagogue de Delme (2013), ATL 2067 for Flux Night Atlanta (2013), Open House: Divided Estates at Casa Luis Barragán / de_sitio Mexico City (2012), The Brilliant and the Dark at VBKÖ Vienna (2012) and The Women's Library London (2010), Song Division at Camden Arts Centre (2011), Struggle in Jerash at Gasworks London / Makan Amman (2010), Parallel Anthology at the 17th Biennale of Sydney (2010), Free-to-air at ICA London (2008) and Cornerhouse Manchester (2007).


Eileen Simpson is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


Simpson, E., White, B., 2018. Play it Again! Use it Together, Victoria Gallery and Museum, University of Liverpool, 9/2018.

Simpson, ES., White, B., 2016. Music For Children, FOUND at The Foundling Museum, London, 27/5/2016.

Simpson, ES., White, B., 2014. Open House, Divided Estates, MK Gallery, 1/5/2014.

Simpson, ES., White, B., 2013. Open House Divided Estates, En Vivio! Performance and Performativity, Casa del Lago, Mexico City, 13/6/2013.

Simpson, E., White, B., 2010. Parallel Anthology, 17th Biennale of Sydney; Whitechapel Gallery Late Night,, 2010.

Simpson, E., White, B., 2010. Struggle in Jerash, Gasworks, London, 2010.

Simpson, E., White, B., 2010. The Brilliant and the Dark, The Women's Library London, (VBKO) Vienna, 2010.

Simpson, E., White, B., 2007. Free-to-Air, Cornerhouse Manchester; ICA, London., 2007.


Simpson, ES., White, B., 2016. 'ATL 2067', Flux Night Atlanta, Atlanta USA, 5/10/2013.

Simpson, ES., White, B., 2016. 'Local Recall: An Ancoats Recital', Halle St Peter's, Ancoats, Manchester, 20/11/2014.

Other Outputs

Simpson, ES., White, B., 2019. 'Auditory Learning'.

Simpson, ES., White, B., 2016. 'Premonition 2037'.