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Research Projects

Through collaboration as part of the design research group and platforms such as Unit X and UFO, research aims to explore a multi-specialist approach to develop new ‘ways of seeing’ and interpreting the encounter of everyday phenomena. Design practice aims to produce insightful, thought provoking work, creating projects that are not necessarily using the language of design norms, but rather re-inventing ways of looking at and experiencing our relationship with the physical (and metaphysical) through ‘para-design’.

Liminal LadderLiminal Ladder
Seamless: The Digital in DesignSeamless: The Digital in Design
Pomona EncountersPomona Encounters
Unit XUnit X
Opiso City: Design LabOpiso City: Design Lab
Pomona Encounters: Beauty SpotPomona Encounters: Beauty Spot
Pomona's Beauty SpotsPomona's Beauty Spots