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Artist Statement

The focus of my digital sculpture lies mainly with the discovery and realization of new three‐ dimensional entities, and deals largely with the appropriateness of medium in relation to process. The use of computing technologies is an essential aspect of my creative practice and is indispensable to the conception, content, and quality of the artwork. My main concern is with Real Virtuality or Cyberealism rather than Virtual Reality, thus reversing the usual order between the cyber and the real. It is not my intention to emulate reality in a virtual world but instead to explore the many possibilities made available through computing technologies and where possible bring these to a form of manifest actuality, resulting in the production of a new order of object, presenting us with new forms, realities, experiences, and meanings in what must be considered a paradigm shift within the discipline of fine art sculpture.

My digital sculptures are born out of the direct manipulation of geometry in a multi‐dimensional cyber space where material, as we understand it, does not exist. In the cyber environment 3D entities may be encouraged to behave in ways not achievable through physical means, being located in an area that exists beyond the imagination and everyday experience. These virtual sculptures, made manifest through 3D printing technology, are grounded in a material form and act as a vehicle which transports us to this strange and wonderful “other place” where unpredictable and surprising events occur. It is as if modelling with light, with pure form, in an environment where physics, matter and energy, materiality and gravity, play no part, freeing form from material constraints, and transcending our given understanding of how material objects behave in the world.

The combination of computer modelling and 3D print opens pathways to explore new methodologies for the creation of physical objects that could not be conceived of or made manifest by traditional means.