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DeEP - Design in European Policy

Evaluating and Sharing Design Innovation Policies for European Growth. Funded under the ‘first action plan’ of the European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII), DeEP aims to create an understanding of the impact of design innovation policies by building frameworks and indicators to evaluate these actions both at a macro (regional, national, European) and micro (specific initiative) level.

The project aimed:

- to identify and understand the presence of tacit and explicit design innovation policies in Europe;
- to develop new indicators that can be used to measure the impact of design innovation policies both at a macro and micro level;
- to activate a process of mutual learning and transnational cooperation in policy development by identifying and sharing good practices, evaluating their impact and testing their transferability;
- to create an open platform to stimulate and support the exchange of knowledge within the partnership as well as with other external stakeholders;
- to actively disseminate preliminary and final results (throughout the duration of the project) to the European Commission and EDII Secretariat, and to all interested stakeholders (researchers, managers, SMEs, policy makers).

The project was conducted in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano (IT, Lead partner), University of Lancaster (UK), Malardaalens Hogskola (SE), Confartigianato Lombardia (IT), Munktell Science Park Eskilstuna Jernmanufaktu (SE), Pro Design (PL) and The Work Foundation (UK).

This project took place between February 2012 and May 2014. For further information see