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Dr Michelle Stephens FHEA


Michelle Stephens is a textile artist, lecturer and researcher based in the UK. She has established a unique area of practice through her amalgamation of digital and physical methods of working. This cross disciplinary approach to her practice enables Michelle to pull from a variety of skill sets and discipline areas as an educator.

Michelle has taught across disciplines on a variety of courses at MMU and at other institutions as well as exhibiting her work across the UK, internationally and completing major commissions for public spaces.

A defining characteristic of her work has been the sustained commitment to the conceptual synthesis of contemporary technology and historical textile sources. Currently, this involves the examination of technology as a design tool by using the coding environment of Processing as a method of reanimating the traditional textile patterns of Paradise Mill, Macclesfield.

Michelle’s doctoral research, entitled ‘Coded Cloth: How a generative digital design process for jacquard weave design can reanimate historical pattern archives’, was supported by the North West Doctorial Training Partnership in the UK, and formed the basis of a practice-based PhD within MIRIAD at Manchester Metropolitan University (2015-2019).

Michelle is a lecturer within the Department of Art and Performance, Manchester School of Art at MMU.



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