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Oran O'Reilly

Senior Lecturer
Fine Art

Oran O'Reilly

Oran O’Reilly was born in Stockport. He graduated from the Royal College of Art printmaking department in 2001 and has since held the position of Print Fellow at both the Royal College of Art and the Royal Academy Schools. He currently lives in London.

His work is concerned with the boundaries between the real and the imagined, attempting to deal with conflicts - both in its use of materials and visual references, and also in understanding the physical and digital territories that are being defined around us. The work utilizes the computer, drawing and printmaking processes, moving between modes of representation that may be of a temporary nature or that combine various elements of production.

Recent exhibitions include: Paper Geographies, Central Library, Manchester (2020) Hostile Environment, ASC Gallery, London (2019) Haugusend International Print Festival, Norway (2019) His work has also been exhibited in Krakow, Oldenburg, Vienna, New York and SanFranciso.



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O'Reilly, O., 2012. Pushing Print, Margate Gallery/Pie Factory, Margate.

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O'Reilly, O., 2019. 'Constellation of a brittle crisis'.

O'Reilly, O., 2019. 'Fossils & Satellites'.

O'Reilly, O., 2019. 'Fossils and Satellites'.

Hostile EnvironmentSeascape with VoidSeascape with VoidHostile Environment (ASC GALLERY), Drifters woodcut, Seascapes with void drawingSeascapes with VoidHostile Environment

O'Reilly, O., 2019. 'Hostile Environment', ASC Gallery, London.

O'Reilly, O., 2018. 'Fragments'.


O'Reilly, O., 2017. 'Drifters'.

O'Reilly, O., 2016. 'Depositions', Acrylic on Perspex, London.

O'Reilly, O., 2016. 'Depositions'.

O'Reilly, O., 2015. 'The Living Body (Glitch series)', Silkscreen Prints with Graphite and Metal Powders, ROC, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 2016 (upcoming).