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Pairings II Conversations and Collaborations 2012

Janet Haigh and Rachel Kelly are both textile practitioners who have been invited by Stroud International Textiles to take part in Pairings II Conversations and Collaborations.

Pairings – conversations & collaborations is a Stroud International Textiles major exhibition with linked sympsoium supported by Arts Council England, Stroud District Council.

Curated by Lizzi Walton & Alice Kettle.
Museum in the Park Stroud on 28 April until 27 May
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Stroud is in Gloucestershire.

Pairings II – conversations and collaborations is a simple thought; to celebrate uniqueness and togetherness. The intention is to celebrate making and makers and engage with another to learn and understand more.

This exhibition brings together pairs of makers to discuss and share the experience of making. Collaboration raises questions about ownership, it tests recognised working methods and negotiates how voices resonate and sing together. It is the evidence of this dialogue between makers which has given birth to work and ideas that redefine the nature of the object and of craft. The subsequent artifact or collection of pieces, combine a marriage or parallel exploration of materials, of practices and creative identities.

The exhibition that opens at the Museum in the Park on 28th April is the culmination of commissioned work from over 20 makers and designers. Makers and designers have come together in partnership or in threesomes. Each participant has a distinct and established area of their own practice which they have shared with another maker in order to have an experience of a different material, anew process and an exchange of ideas. The exhibition will show the evidence of these playful duets and trios and conversations between makers, where materials have been questioned or different approaches are placed together in reflection or contradiction’ Alice Kettle 2012

By sharing and exchanging ideas, thoughts, materials, skills innovative new work will emerge and fresh ways to push the boundaries of their craft will be discovered and explored.

Pairings II Conversations and Collaborations SIT 2012Pairings II Conversations and Collaborations SIT 2012