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ECHO and 100 metre line drawing

ECHO was a collaboration with dance practitioner, Karen Wood resulting in a performance at Open Space, Axis Arts Centre in March 2013. Our collaboration was part of Fragments, a larger project involving five artist pairings, initiated by Five Years and funded by the Arts Council.

The project used motion capture equipment to record a movement sequence deriving from gestures associated with word finding, attempts at remembering and hesitation disfluency. Lines of movement were translated into a material form (adhesive vinyl) and pieced together in the space over the duration of the performance. Dancers entered the space at intervals to improvise responses to the developing drawing.

Elements from all the projects relating to Fragments were shown in a further exhibition at Five Years in May 2013. This show included a new performance work '100 metre line drawing' in which Karen unpeeled a total of 100 metres of 1mm thick vinyl line from its arrangement as a 40 x 25cm rectangle on the wall. Each time the line broke it was attached to the wall creating a spontaneous 'drawing' and record of the dancer's movement.

'100 metre line drawing' was performed for a second time at Backspace, Nottingham as part of the international symposium 'InDialogue'.

100 metre line drawing - performance at InDialogue100 metre line drawing - performance at InDialogue
100 metre line drawing - performance at Five Years100 metre line drawing - performance at Five Years